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I had never fully signed up to a recruitment agency to find me a job. There are so many now, however many of my friends are signed up with them. Even if they are not actively looking to change work right now, they are signed up just in case that ‘dream” job comes up.

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I was always a little skeptical. I phoned a few times, back in the day when the local paper was filled with over 500 jobs a week, to enquire about jobs they had listed for companies, but they would never give any real details unless I went in and signed up. I never wanted to sign up to an agency, mostly because I was actually scared my current employer would find out and this would reflect badly on me!

For me however, they always seemed like an unnecessary middle man! I also view estate agents like this though, particularly since the internet came along, why do companies pay for someone to find someone to do a job? Can’t they just advertise the job themselves, search through the candidates themselves and find the right person, saving themselves money? Surely even if someone comes from an agency they still need to be interviewed? The company needs to think they are the right person for the job?

However my friend recently took a job as a recruitment consultant. It is a very pressured and stressful job, so hats off to all of you in that profession. But she also made me realise a few things.

The points a company may wish to use a recruitment agency are so they can find the right person for the job a lot faster.

Having 20 interviews with 20 people who are not suitable for the job is a waste of time. I guess its a bit like the dating sites, where you put in your likes etc, they match you up based on the information you give about you and what you are looking for.

Except the recruitment consultant is the match maker. Plus if they are looking for specialised roles, maybe the agency has a few people on the books with the qualifications needed. This allows the company then to have the pick of the best.

So, while I think estate agents are a complete waste of time and I look forward to Stelios from easyJet overhaul of the property market, I believe my previous thoughts on recruitment consultants, however, may have been wrong.

For more information about why recruitment agencies are a good idea check out:

Happy match making, recruitment consultants!




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