Ready for Change?

When you find yourself in an interview and you get asked the “where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ question: is your answer.. “where you are sitting”? If so then you are just like me. I could not wait to work my way up the ranks and into Management. I loved the thought of running my own team, implementing my ideas into a department to make it run like clockwork.

So I worked as hard as I could and when a management position came up I applied without a second thought. My current boss was very skeptical that I was ready for the move, citing lack of experience and not enough training for the role. But I was sure this was just because they did not want to lose me from the team and she was just trying to hold me back..

Looking back now, I wish I had listened!

The interview was a disaster. I could not understand the figures sheet given to me , I had no real plan as to how I would run the team, in my head I think I just ad-libbed from month to month!

So suffice to say I came out of the interview feeling like a complete fool. I was not ready for this position nor was I qualified enough.

So when is it right to apply for that position and what are your reasons for doing so? Are you looking for the next step up or is it the title and extra pay you are looking for? One of my Managers said to me if you had everything that comes with my role, i.e; pay, car responsibility etc but you were still on the same job title would you be happy rather than staying doing exactly what you are doing but with a managers title.
It is easy to get bogged down with a job title without really thinking if you want the job responsibility. Is there a job path that would suit you better to progress being a “worker” as opposed to having to go to management to get extra pay?
So many times people often complain that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.. maybe this is because all the good workers want to move up the ladder as it is the predominant way to earn more money. Maybe if companies had better plans to keep good workers in their roles and increase their pay in different ways rather than management, companies may see a lower staff turnover and more indians!
My husband never wants to move into management. He is happy doing the job he is doing and does not want to stop doing the “work” in replace of managing staff. However the original company he worked for were not great payers and he ended moving to do the same job with another company but being paid a lot more.

So before you run off into an interview for a step up ask yourself a few things.
Why do I really want this job?
Am I ready for this job?
If I could carry on doing this job but be paid more would I want another job?

Once you really know your real reasons for wanting to move up or on, you will have a clearer idea of what you really want for your career.

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